Did Ben Carson just mistake an REO for an Oreo?

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– Ben Carson (@SecretaryCarson) May 21, 2019 Still, some Carson defenders insisted Carson didn’t make a mistake, but was referring to the term "other real estate owned," which the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency defines as real estate that is acquired to either fully or partially satisfy previously contracted debt.

FHA is making progress on False Claims Act concerns: Carson HUD Secretary Ben Carson told lawmakers that overly rigid False Claims Act enforcement had forced lenders to suffer financially for what were just minor errors, but that lenders’ fears of being sued were dissipating.

Housing Secretary ben carson exchange with house democrat katie porter in which he appeared to mix up the common foreclosure term "REO" with oreo cookies prompted so much attention on social media on Tuesday that the cabinet member has offered to send a package of the popular chocolate-cream cookies her way.

Engel at times cut off Pompeo, as did. ben carson tussled awkwardly with freshman Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) at a hearing on Tuesday over HUD real estate owned – or REO – homes, at one point.

“What’s most notable here is just. Ben Carson misheard a housing term as “Oreo”: “When a freshman congresswoman asked U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson at a congressional.

On Tuesday, Housing and Urban Development secretary Ben Carson. after a foreclosure. Carson didn’t know the term-in fact, he tried twice to guess what the initials might stand for. Porter: Do you.

REO or Oreo? I don’t know about you, but I’m tweeting Katie Porter a thank you note for exposing Ben Carson as an "Oreo" who has the same illness as Trump: "Old Timers’", aka Altzheimer’s. Both Trump & Carson went to good schools, and I think, at one time, Carson was intelligent, but they are both ready for shuffleboard and Ma Jong.

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Easy mistake to make, since they are essentially homonyms, Unless of course you are the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and you are paid north of 200,000 a year to, well, at the least know the difference between an REO and a cookie, es.

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Ben Carson’s ‘Oreo’ gaffe highlights Carson’s incompetence. For a brain surgeon, he is either dumb or doesn’t take his job seriously. There is no defense of this staggering level of.