CoreLogic integrates with Fannie Mae’s DU for Day 1 Certainty

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Finicity is an authorized, integrated provider of asset verification reports within Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® (DU®). This gives lenders a validated asset report through Fannie Mae’s Day 1.

CBCInnovis is excited to announce the availability of authorized verification reports for Day 1 Certainty from Fannie Mae.. Through a direct integration with both the IRS and DU , verification reports provided by sister company DataVerify , an authorized report supplier, are more than just a static report.

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CoreLogic integration with DU delivers verification data that meets Fannie Mae’s underwriting requirements. This, in turn, provides more certainty in income calculation and asset verification while lowering the risk of potential borrower fraud through altered bank statements.

 · DataVerify has announced the addition of Verification of Employment and Income (VOE/VOI) Authorized Reports for Day 1 Certainty from Fannie Mae. Lenders using Desktop Underwriter (DU) from Fannie Mae will now have access to DataVerify’s 4506-T IRS Tax Transcript Verifications and Verification of Employment and Income services through DataVerify Validation Services.

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Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty SERVICES Leverage CoreLogic to Gain Freedom from Reps and Warrants In November 2016, Fannie Mae announced its new Day 1 Certainty program. The program is designed to provide greater transparency and create a more efficient mortgage origination process for you. Now, you can leverage CoreLogic to help you meet.

Ellie Mae Day 1 Certainty Support in Encompass Direct Provider Asset VOE/VOI 4506T/Tax Transcript Can Lenders Order this Service via TQL or the Ellie Mae Network? Can Lenders Manually Enter the Report ID Fannie Mae Direct in Encompass Providers and Services to get D1C Messages in DU? Is the Report ID automatically populated into DU if the Service

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black knight financial services’ loansphere empower and. – Black Knight Financial Services’ LoanSphere Empower and Exchange Technologies Are Powering Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty With Direct Integration to DU Validation Services

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Freedom from Representations and warranties: day 1 certainty gives lenders freedom from representations and warranties for validated loan components plus greater speed and simplicity, and enables an improved borrower experience. "We are extremely pleased to be participating in Fannie Mae’s DU verification service.

Day 1 Certainty Recap Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty Order reports, review and addresses any discrepancies with the borrower Enter information into DU and submit DU obtains a duplicate copy of the report from the vendor using loan number or reference number DU performs its own income and asset calculations